Ways you can help

Bethesda International is committed to securing a future for the most vulnerable children, youths, and women in Uganda, currently caring for over 200 children, 71 of them attending Rapha Community School.

Child Sponsorship:

We are in the process of establishing a full/partial child sponsorship program which will be up and running within 6 months. By sponsoring a child you will be helping to provide for the many needs of the children of Bethesda Int’l. Some of which are:

  • Food
    Due to draught, food costs have tripled in the last three years.

  • Schooling
    While Ugandan government primary schools (1st–7th grade) are free, they require school uniforms and exam fees, on top of basic necessities such as books and basic supplies. Secondary Schools (8th–12th grade) are not free and have the same requirements for school supplies. We also have several university students in Bethesda who require school fees as well.

  • Medical care
    Malaria, ringworm, AIDs and other sicknesses threaten the livelihood of children in Uganda on a daily basis.

Other needs/ways to help

  • Team trips
  • Funds for completion of the 2nd block Rapha Primary Community School
  • Funds to build new and repair existing foster homes
  • Sewing machines for vocational training projects